If you are interested to join the AUN Student Exchange Programme under AUN-ACTS scheme, please be sure that you read the following procedure:

  1. Check the academic calendar of host universities of your preference, and then match with the academic calendar of your university. After matching the academic calendar, you could go to courses database to check any available courses
  2. Do not forget to discuss your decision of preferred host universities and selected courses with the authorized body in your university to make sure that credit of courses you have selected could be transferred
  3. Once you are ready to apply for the programme, please register yourself to AUN-ACTS system. You will be asked to provide your personal information such as your name, university and email address. Please be sure that you provide a valid email address since any important information regarding your application will be sent to the email address you have input to the system. When you register, you are able to make your own password to be used for login
  4. As a registered user, you need to complete your online application and submit the application to the system. Please note that you will be asked to upload your photo, scanned academic history, scanned English certificate (such as TOEFL or IELTS) and other necessary documents to support your application
  5. Once your application is completed, do not forget to submit it to the system and print the complete application from the system. And then, send the printed application form to the International Relations Office or any authorized body in your university, along with the supporting documents to be reviewed
  6. After the review process, if you are selected for the programme, the authorized body or International Relations Office of your university will nominate you in the ACTS system and notification email will be sent to you and the approved Host Universities
  7. Upon nomination, your application will be reviewed by the Host Universities. If you are accepted, the Host University will approve your application and proposed courses through the system (courses approval might be done in a later time) and notification email will be sent to you and your Home University. Please note that you might be accepted by more than one Host University. Therefore, you have to make confirmation through the system which Host University you would like to choose (you have to choose only one Host University). When you have confirmed, Host University will send the acceptance letter and any information related to the exchange programme
  8. Once you have got the acceptance letter from the chosen Host University, you could contact IRO of your university or any authorized body in charge of student exchange matters who would give you any assistance in making necessary arrangement for the exchange programme. Please note that if the Host University has approved your courses selection, you could print the learning agreement from the system, and then submit it to the IRO of Home University. The approved learning agreement should be sent to the IRO of Host University
  9. When all the preparation process at Home University is done, you could go to the Host University and study there as an exchange student until the end of exchange period which has been decided by the Host University. Please note that you have to take all the examinations required by the Host University, so that you could earn the credits from the courses you take
  10. At the end of the exchange period, the Host University will evaluate your learning outcome and equate the outcome into ACTS grade. The grade will be input in the system by the Host University, so both you and university administrator of your university (Home University) would be able to check it from the system
  11. AUN-ACTS Secretariat will issue certificate of completion and transcript of record based on the data that has been input in the system. The certificate and transcript will be sent to your Home University and the credits earning during the exchange period will be transferred to your academic account
  12. You will get the certificate and the transcript from your Home University once the transfer credit process is completed