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  • Orientation week
  • Semester II, Academic Session 2015/2016 @ USM-IMCC
  • Orientation programmes 
    This one week programme is a programme conducted specially for the new exchange students to gain insight on how their semester abroad would be like.
    Conducted one week before semester starts, this programme is a brief introduction to the university. 






    Welcoming Party

    This is the highlight of our orientation programme to welcome our new exchange students. Students would be able to indulge themselves with mouth watering  Malaysian delicacies and series of performances by the exchange students. 




    Water Rafting


    Tempurung Cave Trip

    This is a programme for all the nature lovers who thirst for excitement and adventure in exploring the beauty of Malaysia unique cave formation. Tempurung Cave is located two hours away from Penang and offers our students the chance to explore the amazing cave formations with the enchanting sounds of bats.





    Gala Dinner (Graduation Night)

    Gala dinner is a graduation night conducted for exchange students. This is usually the final programme that will be conducted for the students. 


    Coffee Hour Day
    Coffee Hour Day is a yearly event that is done by the Student Buddies. Coffee Hour Day is an occasion where exchange students have the opportunity to share their culture and language to local students. 




    Turtle Conservation Project.
    A 2 days 1 night programme, this conservation programme gives a once in a lifetime opportunity to exchange students to learn about the richness of biodiversity in Malaysia and the importance of conserving turtles. Apart from that this programme promotes interaction between local and international students.