Business & Marine Science In Malaysia


This 3 week program covers a wide range of topics which introduce the participants to the socio-economic aspects of the Malaysian, the Malaysian people, cultures and exotic marine life. Students will gain exposure in intellectual exchange, have a better understanding of the cultural, economic and social systems of Malaysia, foster networking among international friends and be able to earn course credits. At the end of the program participants will have an understanding of the basic structure  of the Malaysian economy, its transformation over time and the factors that drive the transformation, the Halal Supply Chain Model, the Islamic Finance as well as the business framework and the branding in Malaysia. With an aim to go beyond academics, the program offers visits to industries which give platform to the participants to be exposed to the real business practices and interact with the players in the industries. Industrial Visit is an excellent opportunity for participant to learn about the Malaysian industrial environment its business strategy and key success factors.  On the final week, participants will have the opportunity to experience close encounters with exotic marine life while learning to understand on the importance of marine diversity conservation. 



• English language proficiency class

• Exploration of Marine Science

• Cultural immersion 



• Lectures

• Case study

• Field trips / study excursion

• Industry visits

• Group project

• Presentation 


How to Apply

Application form is available on-line at:

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