INDIAIR (Indonesian Diversity @Airlangga)

INDIAIR is a two-week end of year break session at Universitas Airlangga, where participants can learn the cultures and diversities of Indonesia. It will be an excellent opportunity to catch up your coursework, meeting professors in an informal setting and to enjoy companionship of students all o

AMERTA X Is Now Open!

Program Description and Application Package

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Information Package Apply Here!

AMERTA calls outstanding students to experience an Indonesian diverse culture and a local East Java atm

Student Internship Programme: UM Tropical Camp

Programme Objectives

1) To experience new challenges of tropical forests

2) To learn about traditional knowledge and culture

3) To learn many exciting facts about Malaysia especially on Biodiversity and Culture

4) To enjoy the magnificent nature of water, air and land

Summer Enrichment Programme (SEP)

SEP offers real-life experience that is second-to-nonw , and you will find that it could be one of the most rewarding of any international experience. Our 3-week Summer Enrichment Programme is an ideal way to expand your global perspective and sharpern your cultural awareness.


Summer Programme for International Students (SPINS)

This program is divided into two categories. The categories are as follow:

Category 1: Study Visit Programme (SVP)

- Within 2 - 5 days

- Offered through out the year

- Flexibility duration of stay


Category 2: Intensive Programme (IP)

- Betwe